Creativity Out of Community


My schedule was pretty crazy leading up to Andrew Osenga’s recent show in Nashville. I was scheduled to play drums for his CD release concert on Tuesday of last week, and I didn't have too much time to really think about the event beforehand. During sound check that evening, I began to realize that something remarkable was about to happen: great music with good friends. Several of us in the band also played for Matthew Perryman Jones, and his music gave the evening a beautiful start. I began to feel a deep joy as we were playing that night. Perhaps it came from the well-crafted songs; maybe it was from being creative with my drum parts. (Frank made my drums sound great in the house by the way.) Maybe the deep joy came from the freedom that we felt as a band, leading us to play dynamically. I did enjoy all of these things, but I felt it was a very special evening mostly due to the fact that this music was created within the presence of this community of people. I highly recommend both Andrew's and Matthew's music, and I count myself blessed to be a co-worker, friend, and spiritual brother.

Paul Eckberg