Drum Setup


Although I've blogged about my experiences while drumming, it may be odd to some that I haven't blogged much about my drumming gear. So here I go:

This Spring, my choice of drums for road shows with Jana Kramer was my Gretsch Catalina Maple kit in a transparent ebony finish (12" rack, 16" floor, 22" kick) with a Gretsch 10-ply maple snare (6.5" x 14") in satin ebony. I like the sound of Remo coated Ambassador drum heads on my drums, although I sometimes use the clear Emperors because I might get a few more shows out of them compared to the thinner coated heads. I've been consistently using Regal Tip's 5B wood tip drumsticks, and I'm using Paiste Twenty Custom cymbals (14" full hats, 16", 18", 20" full crashes, 20" full ride), all on Drum Workshop 9000 series hardware.

Paul Eckberg