It Was Easy

My most common response to the question of, "How was the Andrew Peterson Christmas tour?" is, "It was easy." I enjoy Andrew's music, the crowds were responsive, we had a nice bus, and it was a great community of people to be around. Besides just doing our nightly job of performing a show, we would make a concentrated effort to spend time together: playing games, having outdoor recreation time, and enjoying movies.

One of those movies that we watched was "Troll 2". It has been called "the worst movie ever made", and that quality made it fun to watch. We also watched a documentary about "Troll 2" called "Best Worst Movie". The documentary follows George Hardy (one of the lead actors) as he travels around the country and the world visiting the other cast members and attending screenings of the film. Since we liked "Troll 2" so much, and we liked the kind of person we saw George to be, we tracked him down and invited him to one of our shows. To our surprise, he ended up accepting our invitation and came see one of the concerts near his home town! He hung out with us that evening and answered all of our "Troll 2" questions in depth.

For players in the music industry, there's good music, good pay, and good people. They say that you're doing pretty well if you can get two out of those three factors. This month's Andrew Peterson Christmas tour was all three. It was easy. I was very happy to be included.

Paul Eckberg