Matthew Odmark


There are many people I enjoyed recording with this past year. One of those I will mention here is Matthew Odmark. It has been cool to watch this long-time friend become a sought-after producer over these past years, and it has been an honor for me to work with him on a number of projects he has produced.

I've seen Matt’s creativity serve and shape the songs entrusted to him. His care for the music is made evident in how much time and effort is spent in chasing down what the songs themselves call for. When we would uncover what we were searching for musically, it was there where we also found joy.

I've also witnessed Matt’s personality serve the clients he works for. I can tell how much he loves those around him by the kindness and dignity he generously extends.

Matt is another testament to how great art is forged not through force, but instead is actualized through sensitivity and community.

Paul Eckberg