Nice Employers


I am pretty low key when it comes to working for an artist that I've just met. Not knowing what their personality is like, I won't know how friendly they will act, or how intensely they will want to work, so I'll let them set the overall vibe, and set the pace for the rehearsals (and subsequent one-off/run/tour) that we're doing so that they'll feel comfortable.

Recently I was asked to play drums for Kimberley Locke for the first time. Everyone else in the band had previously worked for her, but I didn't know anything firsthand about her--I've only known about her work through radio and TV. When she arrived at rehearsal, she was warm and social with everyone, and she greeted me with a friendly hug. For two days we rehearsed the songs, crafted arrangements and refined parts--really wanting to put an excellent performance together. Though we worked hard, it was all within a context of an easy-going atmosphere. Both the music and the people were really fun. My thanks goes out to the whole group, especially Jackson Eppley and Matt Heasley for bringing me in.

Paul Eckberg