Scott Bernard


I first met Scott Bernard (far left in the group picture) several years ago on the very day that I was to fill in on drums--playing for Mark Schultz. It wasn't ideal for me: I had to get the drums AND my tracks rig set up on stage...within only a few minutes (because we were playing at a festival)...and then perform in front of tens of thousands of people...without a rehearsal. No pressure. Backstage before our set, Scott (guitar), Mark, Danny Myrick (bass) and I talked through the intros and outros to the songs, but when some unexpected turns in the songs happened while we were stage, I was thankful that Scott was right nearby the drum riser, prompting me through the ever-changing arrangements. I later became first call for Mark, and continued to tour with those guys for awhile. I remember us laughing together a lot!

Scott is an excellent player. He can take several guitar parts from a recording, and wonderfully translate them for a live performance, somehow making his one guitar fill all those areas that need to be covered in the song. He's a great singer too. Lately, he's been playing, writing and recording with Kenny Loggins. Kenny's a lucky guy.

And I must mention that Scott's a great guy who loves his family. Once during a tour, we were gone from home for three weeks straight. I remember that I would look over and almost always see him staring at his phone that had pictures of his wife and daughter on it...he was moping really. It was something to see: what love does to a person.

A few weeks ago Scott came over to the house and had me play drums on his new single "Crazy Christmas". It's crazy energetic which reflects the sometimes-crazy days around Christmastime.

Paul Eckberg